Neural Genetic Training Algorithm Research (NGTAR)


This is a project I took up as a assignment during the time I was reading for my degree from the University of London. The initial files are at

My intention is to develop this project to higher level and to develop better Neural Network (NN) training methods and fine tune existing methods using Genetic Algorithms (GA).

Help Request

This is a large project which I cannot manage without support of others, from here on, due to all the work I am handling. To implement this other project participating members are required,  so if you are interested please join. Thank you.

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I am a student when I wrote this. I deserve some reward for my effort as an incentive to carry on this work as well as to further my research and studies.

If you are using this program for commercial, use please is good enough to support this project and me by donation a proportion of the licensing fees. If you use this software bespoken project, consultancy or internal use also please be good enough to donate an appropriate proportion according to the benefits derived from this software. (Decide to proportion of the donation you are giving honestly and ethically as to the proportionate contribution made by this software to your project, software, etc. NB: As a guideline if possible please donate more at once, otherwise most of it will be lost in processing fees etc.)

NB: if you are benefited mostly by the work of a particular contributed of this project and want to reward him specially please donate to him directly. Verify the appropriate contribution and project to avoid errors.

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Please contact me trough this page:

Prospective employers and people who are willing to help me in my open source endeavors (my projects) are encouraged to contact me.

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